RawMotion will be offering a solo competition. Meaning only solos can be entered to compete. Our solo competition is designed to allow the dancers that come to our convention to show us what they got.

Our competition is designed for ADVANCED/EXPERIENCED dancer only. We do suggest that the soloist partake in a minimum of 8 hours a week of training. There will also be a limit on the entry numbers of 20 solos per studio and/or company. Please see Entry Limits for more information. Once you have registered each performance will be organized into a program where the solo performance category and time will be listed.

By entering the competition you agree that you have read and will abide by the

Competition Rules & Regulations.



Names and ages of each soloist must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted. All entered soloists must be prepared to present proof of age if necessary.

Division and Age

Solo Competition Fees



Each soloist must be competing in one of the following performance divisions. They will be judged according to each style. Please see Scores & Criteria for more information.