We are offering an elite high level solo competition. Soloists will have the opportunity to perform for our international faculty. The solo competition is designed to allow the dancers that attend our convention to compete against one another and show us what they've got!

Our competition is designed for OPEN/ELITE dancers only. We suggest that soloists partake in a minimum of 8 hours a week of training. Dancers must be registered for the workshops to enter the competition. There will also be a limit on the entry numbers of 20 solos per studio and/or company. Please see Entry Limits for more information. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your program will be sent to you prior to the competition. 

Soloists are able to enter a maximum of eight different styles within their age group. They will compete against other soloists within the same style in their age group. Overall awards will be given to the highest scoring soloists for each age group. Special awards will also be given out as well. The highest scoring soloist will be name Raw Motion Dancer of the Year! Please see Overalls and Special Awards for more information.

By entering the competition you agree that you have read and will abide by the

Competition Rules & Regulations.

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Names and ages of each soloist must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted. All entered soloists must be prepared to present proof of age if necessary.

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Each soloist may compete in one or more of the following performance divisions. They will be judged according to each style. Please see Scores & Criteria for more information.




Each dancer will be awarded and placed based upon their mark.

Each soloist will be judged by our international faculty. 

The judges final marks will be added to one another and then averaged to reach to soloist's final score. 

In each category with 3 or more entrees; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be awarded.

In each category with less than 3 entrees; only 1st place will be awarded.

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The highest scoring soloist in each city will be named RAW MOTION DANCER OF THE YEAR! 




During final awards on Day 2, OVERALL placements for each division will be awarded.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall awards will be as follows:


The RAW Motion Special Awards



This award will be given to a soloist the judges collectively feel has the most potential as an industry professional.



This award will be given to a soloist the judges collectively feel had the best performance of the weekend. A dancer that is committed and invested in their performance will receive this award.



This award will be given to a dance that the judges collectively had the best choreography. The choreographer will be awarded, as well as the dancer.



Each professional judge will record a mark out of 100 based on the following criteria: 





This event is catered towards dancers of all ages and all solos entered must reflect that. If all of the judges agree that the dance performed was inappropriate, it may be DISQUALIFIED from the competition.  

By entering the competition you agree that you have read and will abide by the

Competition Rules & Regulations.


The judging critiques will be in video format, so that each dancer can watch their performance as they listen to their critiques. The Judging Critiques will be emailed within 5-days after the competition has finished. 


In order to ensure we have a fair, fun, and competitive event, each studio/company is limited to the amount of solos they can enter. Each studio/company may only enter a maximum of 20 solos for the competition.

A soloist may perform more than one solo, however only one solo per style.


  • All RAW MOTION DANCE attendees authorize the use of their images in video and photos for any RAW MOTION DANCE INC. purposes.

  • Strictly NO photographs or video are allowed during the competition, or it could result in disqualification.

  • Strictly NO photographs or video are allowed to be taken in any of the change rooms, or you will be asked leave the event.

  • Dancers must be registered for the workshop to compete in the competition.

  • All entry fees must be paid IN FULL at the time of registration. No registration will be accepted without payment.  You may pay online via credit card upon registration.

  • Each competitor must enter with their age as of 6th April 2019.  

  • Competing dancers should be ready for their performances 1 hour prior to their scheduled performance time. There is a chance the competition can run early so please keep that in mind on the day of your performance.

  • An official entry form must be filled out for each solo entered.

  • All information listed in entry form must be legitimate, or it could result in disqualification.

  • All music must be clean and family appropriate, or it could result in disqualification.

  • Each dance must be at least 1.5 minutes long with a time limit of 3 minutes. Breaking the time rules will result in disqualification.

  • No changes can be made to entries once submitted.

  • Studio Owners/Teachers/Instructors may not perform in the competition

  • All ties for placings will be broken.



  • When you register you will be given details as to where your music can be uploaded to. No CDs will be used on the day of competition. Please bring a back up of your music on a USB stick. 


Professional photography and videography is prohibited throughout the event.

All flash photography is prohibited throughout the event.


Only SMALL & SAFE props are allowed for the solo competition. It is the Studio/Company’s responsibility to have props taken on and off the stage in maximum 2 minutes. Props must be prepared prior to the competition and may not be assembled on the day of the event by any means. Our staff will not be able to help with any props by any means. Any unsafe props (exceptionally high, sharp, hazardous) will result in disqualification. We will not be responsible for storing props on the day of competition.

Performances will be penalized if props are not used thoroughly during a performance.

Raw Motion Dance is not responsible for any lost or stolen props whatsoever.